How To See Deleted Status in WhatsApp?

This article is about how to see deleted status in WhatsApp. Many people use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends. They share different data such as audio, video, pdf files, and others. Many people put statuses on WhatsApp to share their feelings.

Sometimes you are too busy to use WhatsApp and thus you decide to see WhatsApp status later but then the person deleted their status and you will not be able to see their deleted WhatsApp status.

If you also have the same situation but do not know the solution, then we are here to help you. You will need to read the complete article to get the answer to your query.

How To See Deleted Status in WhatsApp

How To See Deleted WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp allows you to share your feelings with all your contacts through a feature called Status. This feature works the same as the Instagram status so you may not find using it difficult if you have not tried this feature yet.

Anyways, sometimes the person whose status you want to see deleted the status 24 hours before you sees it. You must be wondering what was the status and how to see the deleted status in WhatsApp.

We have provided you with some simple ways if you need to see the deleted status in WhatsApp.

  1. Use third-party apps
  2. Use WhatsApp mods

1. Use Third-Party Apps

You can take help from third-party apps to see deleted WhatsApp status. You use these apps when you want to pick out deleted status on WhatsApp. Here we have provided you with the two most popular third-party apps for this purpose.

You can download any of them from Play Store and install them on your phone by following the steps we have given later:

  1. WhatsDelete
  2. WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages

1. WhatsDelete

You will need to download this app in order to view WhatsApp statuses that are deleted before 24 hours. It is a great way to download your WhatsApp status on Whatsapp. Open the app and then provide the required access if you want to pick out deleted WhatsApp status.

Use this app so that you can be able to view deleted WhatsApp messages as well as status on WhatsApp. You can also save the status on your device. All you need is to view the status and click on the Save button in the app and then your WhatsApp status will be saved on your storage device.

2. WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages

Have you already viewed a status but the person deleted it before 24 hours? You can use a third-party app just like the above to see deleted WhatsApp status of WhatsApp. You will also need to download this app on your phone from the Play store and then use it.

To do this, you will need to click on the status saver button and thus your deleted WhatsApp status will be saved on your storage. You can also use this app to see all the deleted WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp.

2. Use WhatsApp Mods

There is another way to view the WhatsApp status on your phone other than these apps. There are lots of WhatsApp mods that you can use to be able to know what are those WhatsApp statuses are deleted within 24 hours.

You can also find out about the WhatsApp messages that someone deleted so you see them. If you have already known about them then go to the browser and download them because you can not download them from the Play store due to the strict WhatsApp policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see deleted WhatsApp status?

Yes, it is possible that you can see deleted statuses on WhatsApp. However WhatsApp does not allow you to do this, that’s why you download apps for this purpose.

Can someone see my status after deleting it?

Yes, if they have installed Whatsapp mods or other apps, they can see your status on WhatsApp.


This was all about how to see the deleted status in WhatsApp. You can see deleted WhatsApp status if you need to. You have different options to view deleted WhatsApp messages and statuses on your WhatsApp.

What do you think about this guide? Was this article helpful to find out how to see deleted status in WhatsApp? Have you implemented this guide yet to see deleted status in WhatsApp? Share your reviews with us in the comment section.

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