How to Know if Someone is Using GBWhatsApp?

How to Know if Someone is Using GBWhatsApp

Have you ever got a reply from the chat you have deleted? It must be shocking to get a reply from the chat that you have deleted after sending it to your friend. Don’t get surprised because he must been using GBWhatsApp on his phone.

People love to use this app because it is packed with so many features that make it more desirable than the official WhatsApp. In order to find out more ways to catch a GBWhatsApp user, let’s read this complete guide.

Key Signs of GBWhatsApp Users

Want to find out who in your contact list is a GBWhatsApp user? There are some features that regular WhatsApp users can not perform. From replying to deleted chats to sending different sets of stickers, what is it that GBWhatsAp users can not do?

Let’s find out those ways by which you can know if someone is using the GB WhatsApp app or not.

Frozen Last Seen: The original WhatsApp users do not have the ability to freeze their last seen. So if the profile of the other person in your contact list shows an old last seen but you caught him active on WhatsApp this means he is using GB WhatsApp.

Read Deleted Messages: If you have deleted a message after sending it but you still get a reply then it means the other person is using GB WhatsApp on his mobile. In the original WhatsApp, when you delete a message for everyone, WhatsApp will delete it from both sides.

Reply on Deleted Status: Same as above, if you get a reply from a status that you have deleted before completing 24 hours, then it means the other side has GBWhatsApp installed.

Read Receipts: GBWhatsApp users have the ability to see the read receipts of the contacts they are talking to, even if they have disabled their read receipts. This is one of the many other features that a regular WhatsApp user does not have.

Different Sets of Emojis and Stickers: WhatsApp provides you with a limited set of emojis and stickers. If you get those stickers that are not in your app then there are chances that your friend is using GBWhatsApp on his mobile device.


This was all about letting you know if someone is using GBWhatsApp or not. This app comes with many custom features that are not in the official app. If someone is using this app, then you will find many unusual things on his account for example then can hide the online status that makes it easy to recognize them.

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