How to Send Big Heart in WhatsApp?

This article is about how to send a big heart on WhatsApp. As you all know, WhatsApp is now more than a chatting app. It lets you send different things such as photos, videos, audio, and Gifs. You can also share emojis to express your feelings.

In WhatsApp chatting, the use of emojis is very frequent between friends. You can send a beating heart emoji in your conversation. However, some people still do not know about the existence of this feature. That’s why we are here with this guide!

How to Send Big Heart in WhatsApp

How to Send a Big Heart Emoji on WhatsApp?

Emojis are generally used to express your feelings for someone. For example, if someone sends a funny message on WhatsApp, then you generally reply to the other person with a laughing reaction.

It is very common to receive a big heart in chats. If you also receive these types of emojis and want to use them while sending a message, then here is a simple method that you need to follow.

The given procedure can be used on both Android devices as well as iPhone devices. It does not involve any third-party app that’s why you can easily perform this method on your phone.

Step 1: Open the desired chat to whom you want to send emojis as a WhatsApp message on your phone.

Send a Big Heart Emoji on WhatsApp Step 1

Step 2: Now tap on the keyboard side and you will find the emoji option.

Send a Big Heart Emoji on WhatsApp Step 2

Step 3: After this, you will need to again tap on the mentioned icon and you will see different emojis.

Send a Big Heart Emoji on WhatsApp Step 3

Step 4: Find the red heart and tap on the send button.

Send a Big Heart Emoji on WhatsApp Step 4

In this way, you can get a big animated heart while sending a message. Look isn’t it very simple without getting involved with any third-party app?

Note: You will need to make sure to send a single heart at a time on WhatsApp in your message otherwise, it will not show up as a beating heart emoji.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does big heart mean in WhatsApp?

The Growing heart icon in WhatsApp, depicts a pink or red heart surrounded by an outline of several light-colored hearts of increasing size, indicating that the heart is expanding. It is used to express feelings like love, happiness, affection, pride, and even pleasure in a message.

How do you get a big heart on WhatsApp?

To send a big heart on WhatsApp, you need to open the chat with the person you want to send a heart to and tap on the emoji icon. Next, scroll down the list and tap on the big heart icon.

How do you text a big heart?

If you’re using an Android or iPhone, press the symbol icon on your keyboard to the numbers side. Enter “<” and “3” to make “<3”, which is the heart symbol. If you’re using WhatsApp on your computer, hold down “Shift” and press “<“.


This was all about sending the big heart on WhatsApp in your chat. Whenever you face this type of situation in which you want to send a big heart in your message, you can follow this guide. You do not need any third-party app to perform this procedure.

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