How To Uninstall WhatsApp in Jio Phone?

How To Uninstall WhatsApp in Jio Phone

WhatsApp is one of the most used and popular messaging apps nowadays due to its seamless calling and messaging options. This app is almost installed on every phone. However, there are still some devices that exist that do not have sufficient space for apps.

In this case, removing apps is the best option to boost the functioning of the device. If you have a Jio Phone, then it also does not have enough storage and you must have experienced the above-mentioned issue. So if you are looking to uninstall WhatsApp from your Jio Phone, you’re in the right place. then keep reading this guide!

Steps to Delete/Uninstall WhatsApp In Jio Phone

Deleting or uninstalling WhatsApp from Jio Phone is not a very difficult task. However, if you think that it would be better if you had a guide then follow the following steps:

1. Navigate to Apps: You can find all your apps on your device by pressing the Menu button.

2. Find WhatsApp: Now you will need to locate your WhatsApp app on the device among other apps.

3. Choose Options: After finding WhatsApp, you will get an Options or Settings choice.

4. Select Uninstall: In the last, you will find the uninstall option. After selecting this option you might be asked to confirm your choice.

After confirming your last step, your WhatsApp ap be uninstalled from your phone. In this way, you will have some free space on your device.


When it comes to budget, Jio Phones are the best options one can consider. However, due to low space, it can be bothering to use this phone. Managing your apps and removing those you don’t need can make the most of your phone. If you are facing this situation then you can follow this guide for smooth and straightforward steps.

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