How to Update WhatsApp Without Play Store?

If you are looking for a guide on how to update WhatsApp without Play Store, then you are at the right place. As you know, the Play store provides you with the ability to direct download.

You can also get WhatsApp updates. That’s why it is easier to download apps and install applications with this app. There are many people who can not update the WhatsApp application on the play store app due to some technical issues.

That’s why, in this article, I will tell you some ways that can help you in order to download WhatsApp on your android phone without having to go on the Google play store app.

How to Update WhatsApp Without Play Store

How to Update WhatsApp Without Google Play Store on Android Phone

You must have thought that an android phone user can only download and update apps on the Google play store app. However, this is not true. Sometimes, because of technical issues, such as the error codes or the app is not available for your country, you can not install or update some apps.

There are many people who want to update WhatsApp but could not do so because of the above-mentioned reason. In this way, they should need to update the WhatsApp app without the play store on their android phones.

So if you do not know how to do this, then you do not need to get worried. Here we have described some ways that can help you to accomplish this task on an android device.

  • Update WhatsApp From Official WhatsApp Website
  • Update WhatsApp From Third-Party Websites

Update WhatsApp From Official WhatsApp Website

As you know, WhatsApp is not only available on the Google play store, but you can download and install WhatsApp APK file from its official website. This website is easily available on Google. To make it simple, you just need to follow some simple steps which are given below:

  1. Go to Google Chrome or any other web browser on your phone and search for the official application of WhatsApp.
  2. Open the WhatsApp website to download the latest file on your android phone.
  3. Tap on the Download Now button to download the latest WhatsApp file.
  4. After the download is complete, tap on the downloaded file to start installing it.
  5. To install WhatsApp using this method, make sure to enable installation from unknown sources from the settings of your android device.

Update WhatsApp From Third-Party Websites

There are many android device users who have complained that they can not update WhatsApp due to some issues. These issues can be related to the internet connection or insufficient space in android. The issues keep occurring when they tap on the update button but still can not get the app.

If you know how to fix this issue then you are good but those who do not know how to deal with it can update WhatsApp without the play store on android. You can go to any other alternative app store.

For your easiness, we have come up with the following website. Let’s take a look at how we updated our WhatsApp and got the latest version without the Google play store.

Step 1: Open any third-party website and search the name of the app such as WhatsApp on the search bar.

From Third-Party Websites step 1

Step 2: Click on the download button and you will go to the download page. From there you will get the download link.

From Third-Party Websites step 2

Step 3: By clicking on the download link, you will get a warning. Tap on Download anyway and your WhatsApp APK file will start downloading.

From Third-Party Websites step 3

Step 4: Go to the downloads option and click the file.

From Third-Party Websites step 4

Step 5: After you click on the file where you will see the update button. Click on it and wait for a few seconds.

From Third-Party Websites step 5

Step 6: After waiting a few seconds, press the open button.

From Third-Party Websites step 6

Note: Make sure to enable unknown sources on your device so that you will not face any problems while downloading the latest version of WhatsApp on your android phone.

In this way, you can download APK files using the APK installer file on your android device. Isn’t this easy if you follow this guide?

Why do you need to update WhatsApp without Play Store?

You may face some issues in Google Play Store while updating apps. Below is a list of some common reasons.

  • You are unable to access the Play Store or the store faces some error codes
  • There may be insufficient space on the device or the required app is not compatible with your Android device.
  • This app is not available in your country.

If you are facing any of the given reasons then you should not depend on the Google play store. You can try other app stores on your browser to download and install APK files on your android device. You can also update your apps and APK files in the given ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Update WhatsApp Application?

Updating apps comes with new features that can help you enjoy the app. This can also improve the security of the app. That’s why people need their apps to get updated. WhatsApp Messenger is one of those apps that should be updated so that you do not compromise on its security.

How do I update WhatsApp manually?

You can easily update WhatsApp on your Android from its official website or any other third-party website. Download the most recent WhatsApp version and install it with the help of an APK installer.

What can be the causes behind downloading WhatsApp Without play store?

There can be many reasons for this such as you can not update WhatsApp from the play store if you have low phone storage. Moreover, there are some manufacturers who do not integrate google mobile services. So these reasons can cause you for updating WhatsApp messenger without the play store.

What to do if WhatsApp is not updating?

Go to your device’s Settings, then tap Apps & notifications. From there, you will need to clear the cache of the Google play store and then restart your device. After this, you will have to again try installing WhatsApp on your android.


This was all about how to update WhatsApp without the play store. Follow the given guide if you want to install the new version of WhatsApp from outside the Google play store. By following this guide, you can get successfully updated WhatsApp on your android phone.

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