How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp?

This article is about how to freeze last seen on WhatsApp. Don’t you also want to show your real last scene on WhatsApp to others? If yes, then you are at the right place to know how to freeze your last seen on WhatsApp.

Sometimes we want our friends or contacts on WhatsApp not to see our actual last-seen status. By the way, WhatsApp has built-in last-seen features that only allow you to hide your last seen.

How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp

How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp on Your Phone?

As we mentioned last seen online status feature is present on WhatsApp but many people don’t like it because of its restrictions. It hides the WhatsApp seen however the drawback is that you can’t even see the last seen of others’ WhatsApp.

But if you want to freeze your last seen then the last seen will be continuously shown on WhatsApp.

Below are two different methods with a step-by-step guide through which you will be able to freeze your last seen time on WhatsApp. And other people will be able to see your own created Last Seen on WhatsApp.

  1. By Using Third-Party Apps
  2. Without Any App

By Using Third-Party Apps

GB WhatsApp provides additional features compared to normal WhatsApp but may also have privacy issues. So if you use GB WhatsApp you can.

When you hide your last seen status using GB WhatsApp, that time is your last seen forever.

Step 1: Open your GB WhatsApp then click on the 3 dots on the top right.

By Using Third-Party Apps Step 1

Step 2: Then, tap GB Settings and go to your settings.

Step 3: Once you reach the settings page, you will see several options.

Step 4: Click on the Privacy and Settings option at the top.

By Using Third-Party Apps Step 2

Step 5: Now, toggle on the Freeze Last Scene option to freeze the last seen WhatsApp.

By Using Third-Party Apps Step 3

Note: You won’t be able to do this on WhatsApp Web as there are no privacy settings available.

In other words, other people will not be able to know when you last opened WhatsApp on your android device and thus they will see your own created last-seen WhatsApp. Similarly, as long as your Last Seen feature is set to “None”, you won’t be able to see when other people last opened your WhatsApp.

Note: We do not suggest anyone download and install third-party apps as they can be risky.

Without Any App

If you do not want to compromise your security then it is better to use official WhatsApp to hide your last seen on WhatsApp. To do this, you will have to reply to others without opening WhatsApp. This will show your last seen on WhatsApp as long as you do not open WhatsApp again.

However, this method is not very useful as sometimes, you may want to see others’ status. Moreover, it will be rude to reply to others without opening their messages. There is another way that you can use to hide your last-seen status on WhatsApp.

Using official WhatsApp, you can’t freeze it. Only you can hide your WhatsApp last-seen status. So, if you want to hide your WhatsApp last seen status then you can follow this process.

Step 1: Open the official WhatsApp and go to the three dots.

Without Any App Step 1

Step 2: Go to WhatsApp Settings and you will see Account Settings and other options.

Without Any App Step 2

Step 3: Tap on “Privacy” to go to your privacy settings. Privacy Settings is where the “Last Seen” setting is located. You might be using it to hide your online status on WhatsApp.

Without Any App Step 3

Step 4: On the Privacy Settings page, you can choose who can see your “Last Seen”, “Profile Picture”, “About”, “Groups” and “Status”.

Step 5: The option you want to customize is your “Last Seen” because you want to hide it. Tap the “Last Seen” tab to go to your “Last Seen” privacy settings.

Without Any App Step 5

Now that you’re on your “Last Seen” privacy settings, you can choose who can see it. You can choose from three options – “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, and “Nobody”.

First, “everyone” means that everyone, including your contacts and people who aren’t in your contacts, will be able to see your “last seen”.

Second, “My Contacts” means that only your contacts can see your Last Seen time. You can also choose only one person to hide your last seen time. Third, “Nobody” hides your “Last Seen” from most, meaning no one else will see it.

Step 6: Tap “Nobody” to hide your Last Seen on WhatsApp.

By following the above steps, users’ online presence will be hidden and no one will be able to see the last seen.

What Does Mean by Freeze Your Last Seen on WhatsApp?

Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp means to stop the last seen time on WhatsApp from being displayed forever until you close it. To make this clear, let’s first understand what is the last-seen feature.

Last seen on WhatsApp refers to the last time a contact was seen online. This feature lets others know when you were last active on WhatsApp.

If your phone is turned off or you’re not connected to the Internet, your contacts will see a timestamp indicating when you were last online. The Hide online status option can be turned off in the privacy settings, which helps keep your online presence private.

Drawbacks of Hiding Online Status Option

As well as there being some benefits of hiding your last seen on WhatsApp there are some drawbacks to hiding your “last seen” too. For example, you won’t be able to see when your contacts were last online, and they won’t know when you were last online.

Additionally, if you’re in a group chat, everyone can see when you were last online, even if you’ve set your last seen option to static.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze your timestamp on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can freeze your timestamp on WhatsApp, which means you can keep your last seen WhatsApp freeze.

How do I appear offline when I’m online on WhatsApp?

You can freeze WhatsApp with the help of modified WhatsApp (also known as WhatsApp mods).

Can you freeze the last seen on WhatsApp for a contact?

WhatsApp allows users to freeze their last-seen specific, but you can turn off any of your contacts.


This article was to guide you on how to freeze last seen on WhatsApp on your android device. If you do not want others to see your last seen, then you can go to your last seen option in the privacy tab from the account settings menu and hide your last time active status. You can also reply to others from notifications by keeping your mobile data on.

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