How to See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat?

How to See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat

Are you a Snapchat who is finding it difficult to track your friend’s birthday in Snapchat? With the app’s updates and features, it might be challenging to check on your Snapchat friend’s birthdays. But don’t worry, here we have this guide, that will help you find the upcoming birthdays of your friends no matter which device you are using.

Easy Steps to See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat

Many people get curious whenever someone’s birthday comes. On the other side, some people always forget others’ birthdays. But not anymore because Snapchat provides you with the ability to let you know all your friend’s birthdays in advance.

In this way, you can send them birthday streaks and wish them in advance. The mentioned feature can be accessed by following the given steps:

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your phone and tap on the chat icon.

See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat Step 1

Step 2: Now select any of your friend’s accounts and tap on their profile picture.

See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat Step 2

Step 3: If he is enabled to show you his birthday, then you will need to tap on the button that displays his birthday.

See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat Step 3

Step 4: Then you will be provided with a list of the closest upcoming birthdays of your Snapchat friends along with recent birthdays.

See Upcoming Birthdays on Snapchat Step 4

Note: When a friend’s birthday is not showing then it means the person has not enabled the birthday party feature or added their birthday information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Snapchat notify me when it’s someone’s birthday?

Snapchat typically has a feature that notifies you when it’s someone’s birthday if the Birthday Party feature is enabled in their Snapchat settings. Moreover, you will see a cake in front of your Snapchat user on the birthday.

Does Snapchat display birthdays for a whole month or just the upcoming week?

In Snapchat, one can view the birthdays of his Snapchat friends for the entire year.

Are the upcoming birthdays shown in chronological order?

Snapchat shows the list of upcoming birthdays in chronological order which means from closest to distant.


Snapchat does not want you to forget the important days of your friend’s lives that’s why it lets you view the upcoming birthdays of your friends in chronological order. Now, easily check on your closest friend’s birthdays and wish them in advance by sending them the birthday streak. Let us know your thoughts on this guide in the comments.

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