How to Send Zip File in WhatsApp?

How to Send Zip File in WhatsApp

Do you ever need to send a Zip File in WhatsApp but are not sure how to do it? It’s much easier than you can imagine. You might think that WhatsApp does not handle sending different formats of documents such as Zip but you are wrong.

Whether it’s a bunch of images, videos, or other documents, you can easily share them through Zip format. So grab your phone and get ready to learn how to make Zip files and send them in WhatsApp.

Steps to Send Zip Files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you send different media files to other users which is a great feature of this app. However, it comes with a limitation that you can only send a video file less than 64 MB and 100 images at once.

To overcome this limitation, most users prefer to send their media files in Zip format which helps them to share their images and videos up to 2 GB. If you have already a Zip file that you want to send in WhatsApp then it’s great!

However, if you want to send your media files as a Zip file then you need to convert them into the required format by using the following procedure.

Step 1: Open the file manager on your phone and select the required media that you need to convert.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 1

Step 2: Tap on the More option and you will be provided with two options.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 2

Step 3: Select the Compress option, name the file, and confirm the selection of the Compress option.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 3

Step 4: Open the required WhatsApp chat to whom you want to send the Zip file.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 4

Step 5: Tap on the attachment icon and select the Document option.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 5

Step 6: Find your Zip file and select it.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 6

Step 7: Hit the send button and your Zip file will be sent in WhatsApp.

Send Zip File in WhatsApp Step 7
You can get help from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Apple, Box, Dropbox, IBM, and Rackspace to share a Zip file of more than 2GB in WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What File Formats Can We Send in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp lets you send different file formats such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and Zip files, etc.

What Does Compression Mean?

Compression of a file means reducing its size which helps you quickly send your files.


Converting your media into a Zip file will help your sharing process become easier. By doing so, you can bypass the media sending limit set by WhatsApp and share a large number of videos and images at once. Tell us what you think of this guide in the comment section below!

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