How to Know If Someone Uninstalled WhatsApp?

This article is about how to know if someone uninstalled WhatsApp account. As you know WhatsApp is the most used messaging app and almost every person’s phone has this app installed.

If you are a user of the WhatsApp app and while sending the message you get no response then there might be some factors that affect your communication. One of them is uninstalling WhatsApp accounts.

Let’s get to know more about this topic by reading this guide which is especially for you.

How to Know If Someone Has Uninstalled WhatsApp Account?

There are sometimes when you messaged someone but could not get a response. If that person matters to you then you must be very curious in order to know if he is okay or not.

There might be a possibility that the other person has blocked you or does not use the current WhatsApp account anymore. However, if you are sure that you are not blocked then the other person has uninstalled WhatsApp from his phone.

This can be figured out from the WhatsApp profile picture if that is still visible to you. To help you know more, let’s figure out the factors that will help you in order to understand if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp.

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Last Seen Status
  3. Sending Messages

Profile Picture

If you want to find out about the other person then you should need notice about his profile details. In order to go into depth, let me tell you to notice the other person’s profile picture.

Uninstalling WhatsApp does not affect the profile picture but it indicates that the person has not deleted the WhatsApp application. If you can see the photo, you’re on the right track.

Last Seen Status

Uninstalling WhatsApp is practically the same as force-stopping or disabling it so that it cannot access your phone data. To check this, you will need to see his last seen.

Open the chat or view the last seen timestamp from the profile. If you can’t see any very old timestamps there, it’s a sign that the person has uninstalled WhatsApp or is no longer using it.

Sending Messages

Even if you uninstall the app, your account will remain the same. All parts of your account information remain unchanged, including media files like profile photo, account name, text, and privacy settings.

The only thing that happens is that you can no longer send or receive messages. So you can also notice another factor which is sending messages that let you know if the other person has blocked you or has deleted the app.

If you notice that your messages are not reaching the person recently, it usually indicates that the person’s WhatsApp is not connected to the Internet. If you see only one tick in the last few days, it could be a sign of an uninstalled WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if someone uninstalls WhatsApp?

If you uninstall WhatsApp, it does not mean that you have lost all your WhatsApp groups. You can still get new messages along with previous messages only when you re-install WhatsApp.

How do you know if WhatsApp is uninstalled or blocked?

If you have messaged someone and it still got one tick after so many days then the only thing is to check the profile photo of the other person. If you still see the photo then you are not blocked.

Does uninstalling WhatsApp delete all chats?

If you have made a backup of your chats on google drive, then your group chat and other WhatsApp conversations are saved. You only need to install WhatsApp from the Google play store.

What if I uninstall WhatsApp and someone sends me a message?

Even when you uninstall WhatsApp, people can still send you messages. However, since the app is not installed on your phone, you will not be notified about it. Only when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will receive those messages and missed call notifications.


This article was to help you in order to know if someone uninstalled WhatsApp app or not. Now you can know if someone deleted WhatsApp or uninstalled the app. You can lose access to your app during the uninstallation period but that does not mean you can not use the app again.

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