How to Hide Name in WhatsApp?

How to Hide Name in WhatsApp

Have you ever seen a WhatsApp account with no name? This sounds interesting because WhatsApp does not allow you to hide your name on your profile. But what if you want to create a similar sense of mystery for your own WhatsApp account

Don’t get stressed out because here we have this simple guide that provides you with a clever trick to add an extra layer of privacy to your WhatsApp profile and make it more private.

Steps to Hide Name in WhatsApp

There may be several reasons for hiding your name in WhatsApp such as you don’t want random WhatsApp users in a common group to find out about you. This is a good step if you need to maintain more privacy for your WhatsApp account.

Let’s follow the given procedure to hide your name in WhatsApp. But before this, you need to copy the given Blank Space Character (>>>‏‏‎‏‏‎ <<<) from here.

Step 1: Now open WhatsApp, tap on the three dots, and select the Settings option.

Hide Name in WhatsApp Step 1

Step 2: Now tap on your WhatsApp DP from the above.

Hide Name in WhatsApp Step 2

Step 3: Select the Name option by tapping on it.

Hide Name in WhatsApp Step 3

Step 4: Paste the copied blank space character (>>>‏‏‎‏‏‎ <<<) in this section.

Hide Name in WhatsApp Step 4

Step 5: Remove the arrows from both sides and tap Save.

Hide Name in WhatsApp Step 5


Hiding your name in WhatsApp is a great way to keep a low profile for your WhatsApp account. With this trick, no one will be able to guess your name other than your WhatsApp contacts.

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