How to Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call?

How to Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call

Have you ever wanted to know if someone is on WhatsApp call before calling them? This is a general query that is asked by many people. Whether you have an urgent matter to discuss or you want to have a fun conversation, reading this guide will help you know what’s happening on the other end of the line.

Easy Steps to Find Out If Someone Is on a WhatsApp Call

When you call someone on WhatsApp and they don’t pick up your calls, then the other person might have different reasons. One of the most common reasons is they might have on another call. Let’s read the following steps to confirm this:

Step 1: Open the required WhatsApp chat and select any option for calling between Voice and Video Call.

Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call Step 1

Step 2: Whatever calling option you select, if the person you are calling is already on a call, you will see a message saying the person you’re trying to call is on another call.

Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call Step 2

Other Ways to Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call

If you want to know whether someone you want to talk to is on another call then you can also confirm this by exploring the following ways below:

Direct Observation: You can call the person and see if it shows “Ringing”, then the person is not having any calls.

Status Updates: You can check the status of the person by going to his conversation and seeing his last seen. If he doesn’t reply to your message but his status shows online, then there are chances that he might be on a call.

Ask Directly: You can also ask them if they are free to call you or already have a call on WhatsApp.

Third-Party Apps: There are a lot of people who take help from third-party apps for WhatsApp for tracking purposes. However, be cautious about these kinds of apps which claim to be perfect but in actuality, they compromise your data.

Note: If the person you’re calling does not have an internet connection, then you will see the word “Calling” on the screen instead of “Ringing”.


Now you can easily figure out if someone is on a call on WhatsApp by following this guide. You can simply call them on WhatsApp and if it shows “on another call”, they are on a call.

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