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Dive in the world of whales ,dolphins and penguins to learn interesting things about them. Swim with them in the ocean, find out what they eat, where do they live and how they communicate. You can listen to their story like an audiobook or read by yourself. Tap on whales or other objects to make sounds or find new info about them. What are the differences between whales and dolphins? What about whales and fish? What are the differences between penguins and other birds? How do they raise the little ones in the water? All the information is shared in this small interactive encyclopedia, an educational application with no ads or in-app purchases designed for the whole family. Kids will certainly love it.

whales and dolphins

Knowee: Whales and Dolphins


Knowee: Penguins

Variante in romana.

whales and dolphins

Delfini si balene

Enciclopedie interactiva despre balene si delfini. Pentru copii si parinti



Enciclopedie interactiva despre pinguini. Pentru copii si parinti

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