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As a software company with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, we have earned a reputation for consistently delivering successful solutions on time and on budget resulting in long term customer relationships.


Our core values center around three ideas: putting people first, technical competence, and offering value to our clients. Whether we develop our own applications or work based on client's specifications, customer satisfaction is our main concern.

Our team is selected based on technical expertise but also teamwork capability and common values.

Our goal is to deliver software solutions meant to simplify client's business and life. (read more...)


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Java/Android developer wanted!

Want to join a great team with flexible work hours and interesting applications? Send us your résumé at office@tedrasoft.com



Knowee: Interactive encyclopedias for kids

Our encyclopedias allow kids to accumulate knowledge about the world they are living in, adding new information besides what they learn in kindergarten or school. They can be used as audio-books but you can also read them yourself and your kid can interact with various animals or objects on the screen.

All the information is shared in this small interactive encyclopedia, an educational application with no ads or in-app purchases designed for the whole family. Kids will certainly love it.

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Reveal your Plumber skills in this free puzzle game. Simply turn the different pipe pieces and connect all of them to make a complete pipe and make the water reach the flower! Over 120 000 downloads.

City driving

City Driving - Traffic Control

City Driving - Traffic Control simulates the city traffic and challenges your brain to find solutions and avoid accidents and traffic jam. Different models are available from classic to sport cars, you only have to drive them through the city street maze and solve the puzzle. Find routes and take each driver to destination.

City driving

Flying without feathers

Flying without feathers introduces Tony, a funny character, who, due to his impatience, is faced with a no-exit situation. The exhilarating story of the baby-pterodactyl is a starting point for developing further discussions to encourage children to remember their own mischief and tricks, what caused them and how they managed to overcome them.

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Baby development - the first 3 years. This guide lets you know the developmental stages of your baby and when to expect them..